The Backcountry Association, Inc., (“Association”) has designated four (4) Local Service Areas
(LSA), LSA 1, LSA 2, LSA 3 and LSA 4, within the boundaries of the Association pursuant to
Section 2.53 of the Amended and Restated Subassociation Declaration for Backcountry
Association, Inc of Highlands Ranch Community Association, Inc. (Declaration). The property
and Privately Owned Sites (defined in Declaration Section 2.70) designated as being in an LSA
are entitled to receive Special Benefits or Additional Services from the Association pursuant to
the provisions of each “Local Service Area Designation Instrument for Future Annexations of
Included Property Within Backcountry Association, Inc.,” and amendments thereto, as recorded
in the official records of Douglas County, and/or as provided in other Association governing

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